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Bulk SMS Reseller

Are you looking to start your own message resale business? Grow your business, win the market and gain new revenues.

Starting a mobile messaging business can be a complicated task, and achieving a successful result takes time and experience. With our Reseller Solution you get easy entry in the messaging resale business with no investment and no extra cost.

Reseller Solution offers you reliable messaging services linked to the our Reseller Solution, a user-friendly application for managing all your messaging business.

It's easy to get started and grow your reseller business with Our Reseller Solution, a user-friendly application for managing your messaging business.

Reseller Solution is a simple and effective messaging and client management application and your trusted right hand designed to run effective and profitable reseller operations.

You will definitely have your own branded reseller website that will enable you create sms account for all your clients, and also create reseller accounts for all resellers clients under you. All you need is a registered domain name. And we will go ahead and do all necessary configuration on your registered domain name.

Features that your members enjoy:

  • Compose SMS with dynamic sender ID
  • Type multiple sms recipients, select recipient group from phonebook or upload recipients from text and csv(excel) file
  • SMS scheduling for future delivery with date picker.
  • Duplicate number remover.
  • Numbers can be in the format of +2348080000000 or 2348080000000 or 08080000000.
  • Displays member SMS units left and SMS Units used
  • Phone book to store phone groups and numbers
  • Upload numbers to phone group from file
  • View to all sent sms messages with recipients, message,status, credit used, date scheduled, date delivered
  • Order/Request/purchase sms credits with automatic cost calculator
  • Members can transfer SMS units to another member
  • Members can load SMS units into their account through recharge vouchers
  • Members can check sms balance from phone without internet connection
  • Members can transfer SMS units to another member via phone without internet connection
  • Members can Send SMS From their facebook page

Admin Features:

  • Send sms to all members
  • Specify No of free SMS units for new members e.g new members get 3 free sms
  • Specify how many sms units is regarded as low sms
  • Alert member by sms and email when credit is below your specified level
  • Create/edit Welcome SMS message for new members
  • Create/edit SMS to send to members when their SMS orders have been approved
  • Create/edit SMS to send to members when their credit is below your specified level
  • Create/edit SMS to send to members when they place an order
  • Create/edit SMS to send to administrator when members place order
  • Create/edit SMS Sender ID for automatic notification sms sent to members
  • Set/change SMS API Gateway URL to any provider
  • Create/edit Selling price per sms unit for different quantity of sms purchases
  • Specify country codes that use more that 1 sms unit per text message
  • Set/edit Currency symbol
  • You'll get your own SMS Api to Give to your own customers and resellers.
  • You'll get SMS HTML desktop Application for use on desktop, mobile or on web pages
  • You'll get Facebook application for your members to send from
  • Generate and manage recharge vouchers
  • View, edit and delete any member account
  • Registration cannot be repeated for registered phone number/email address
  • Free i60Contact Us form with captcha
  • Free GSM Phone Number generator


Minimum Initial Credit Purchase of 3,000 SMS Units at N0.85/sms

SetUp Fee includes

  1. 10 Pages Website
  2. 1 Year Domain Name Registration
  3. 1 Year Web Hosting

LIMITED OFFER = N22,500 N10,000

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